Del Mar Doctor


Hi, I am Dr. Renee West, ND, RYT, LMT a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor located in San Diego, California. I attained my Naturopathic Doctorate from the oldest naturopathic school in North America, National University of Natural Medicine, located in Portland, OR. 

My passion for sustainable wellness began in high school while watching my beloved grandmother die from cancer (the big C). Recognizing the failure by alphabet agencies to protect people's health, I realized the best "cure" is prevention. Our daily habits are the foundation of our health, they either foster wellness or create an opening for dis-ease. 

I became a naturopathic doctor to further my understanding of the body's functionality, and learn what natural substances could help our bodies cure themselves. Some NDs will prescribe pharmaceuticals as a traditional physician would, that is not my style. As the Del Mar Doctor I use medicines from the earth including, water, sun, food, botanicals, herbs, & homeopathy. 

and I am dedicated to improving health outcomes so we can all feel great again and look good! 

When she is not in the office, Dr. Renee enjoys time with her family, being an athlete and traveling the world. She has also been known to foster kittens. 


Naturopathic Medicine Principals   

Do NO Harm

Identify and Treat the Cause

Treat the Whole Person

Healing Power of Nature

Doctor as Teacher




 Licensed Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) must pass 2 national licensing exams after attending a four year doctorate program where they are taught to be primary care doctors. In some states, NDs can be primary care doctors who take insurance and prescribe pharmaceutical drugs. Naturopathic doctors are additionally taught many wholistic treatment methods including hydrotherapy, nutrition, regenerative medicine, nutraceuticals, botanicals, homeopathy, and physical medicine.